Chandon Mini – for ‘On-the-Go Lifestyle’

Celebrating 45 years of its raising, Chandon California has launched its latest innovation – the Chandon Aluminium. The colorful, single serving bottle is filled with the its popular ‘Sweet Star Cuvee’ and has been specially designed for the on-the-go lifestyle of its consumers.


Created by Chandon’s head winemaker Pauline Lhote, this sparkling wine, which is a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, is refreshingly easy to drink and perfect for a wide range of consumers, including the much sought after millennial demographic.

“It took several tastings and trials to ensure that the wine quality remained superior in the new packaging. Now finally after a full year of trials, we are excited to share this delicious varietal in the convenient aluminum bottle, so you can enjoy your bubbles with just a simple twist,” says Pauline.

Sophie Stock, VP Marketing, Chandon California also feels that the lush cuvee is perfect to be enjoyed at the beach, in sports arenas and anywhere the busy consumers would like to. In her words “we believe our #ChandonSquad wants to enjoy their quality bubbles anywhere, outdoor experiences are part of their lives and we want to follow them at music festivals, sporting events and concerts”

And yes, the floral aluminum and Instagram ready bottle is 100% recyclable.

More details at Chandon website

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2 thoughts on “Chandon Mini – for ‘On-the-Go Lifestyle’

  1. A straw! My goodness, I can live with a mini container, but not the straw. It’s a shame that the people who will buy this are the young who have not experienced the full pleasures of wine and treat it as a fashionable alco-pop!

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