Wine powering the Metal way of life

Another super successful edition of the Bangalore Open Air – a heady mix of metal music, energy and talent concluded at Bengaluru, India yesterday.

World over Heavy Metal is increasing getting associated with Wine which is now seen as a healthier alternative to hard drinks. Many renowned metal bands have launched their own wine labels and red wine is seen to flow alongwith beer in major international metal festivals

Wineglitz follows this trend. Stay tuned for more.

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9 thoughts on “Wine powering the Metal way of life

  1. I’ve “followed” ACDC since around 1974 and started collecting wine around the same time ……… do I qualify??

    1. Sure you do and it’s so awesome. We connect in another way too. My son is a metalhead so we both have joined forces. I have followed you on insta where I’m as @metal_wine_fan_page ( I think it’s you since its the same profile pic). Do follow back. Cheers.

      1. Yes, found you on Instagram and followed. But … you don’t seem to be following my blog?

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