All Rounder – new wine label release by York Winery

“All Rounder” is the name of latest wine release from the house of York Winery, India. My very first impression of the wine label and description was that “it reminds me of Kapil Dev” – who has been one of most prominent all rounders of Indian cricket and one who brought us the Prudential World Cup way back in 1983.

I remember mentioning the same to Kailash Gurnani, the young and prolific winemaker and owner of York brand and he was happy to note the obvious connect the wine has with cricket and all rounders – which is also the theme of the label.
Priced at a very competitive range of around Rs 500, these wines could well be the Market Disruption – which some would say was pressing the need of the Indian Wine industry.
But I personally believe that an attractive price will not by itself convert into sales – there are other boxes to be ticked.

And here I feel the think tank at the York Winery have displayed an effective market strategy and introduced the wines with all pre-requisites including an attractive label, a related story, different sized bottles (both 750 and 375 ml) and a simple fruit forward taste. All this while maintaining the quality of the wine. A reasonably high alcohol percentage of around 13% is also likely appeal to many a Indian consumer

Another well perceived winemaker’s thought has been to release both the Red and White wine as “dry wines” – this may be keeping in view the developing palate of the Indian consumer who may prefer light dry wines.
Story – As per the press release, this wine pays homage to the great sport of Cricket which often brings the country to a standstill. “Drawing inspiration from the great all-rounders of the cricketing
world, we have tried to create a perfect all-round wine. It is a wine that appeals to palates as diverse as our country” says the owner of the brand.
Tasting Notes

All Rounder White Wine is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc. The wine is light bodied & fruit forward. The acidity on the palate is
refreshing while the aromatic flavours continue through to the finish.

All Rounder Red Wine is a blend of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine is light bodied & expresses intense red fruit characters.The


annins on the palate are smooth, making it avery easy drinking red wine.
As all rounder wines, both the Red and White varietal are best had on any occasion with friends & family and even better when consumed over a game of Cricket.
The ‘All Rounder’ story so far is certainly positive and promising and I feel that these will be appreciated well by both Indian and International consumers.

I do hope to taste these soon to confirm the high expectations from both the wines and to post my tasters note.

Wishing best to the new release. Cheers.

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