Jacob’s Creek Prosecco Spiritz to launch in UK market as Aperitivo Spiritz

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In adherence to European Union ruling on origin protection, Pernod Ricard is set to launch the popular Australian ready to drink sparkling wine product ‘Prosecco Spiritz’ in UK market with a changed name as ‘Aperitivo Spiritz’.

Prosecco is an Italian white wine made largely from Glera grape which was earlier known also as Prosecco. The Prosecco-Glera name change happened in 2009, when it was decided that the name Prosecco should be used exclusively for wines produced in Italy’s official Prosecco appellation titles, and should not be used for the grape variety.

The European Union ratified this, thereby making it illegal for wine producers anywhere outside northeastern Italy to label their wines as “Prosecco” (similar to the ruling that Champagne can only come from the designated “Champagne” region of France)

Prosecco has also been the base ingredient of the Bellini and Spritz, both being popular cocktails in northern Italy. However, it was not just Italy but the popularity based cocktails was also soaring in another part of the world notably at down under in Australia.

Keeping in view the fast growing demand of Prosecco in Australia, last year Jacob’s Creek launched its own ready to drink Prosecco based cocktail in Australia last year. Called “Jacob’s Creek Prosecco Spritz”, the wine has flavors of blood oranges, sweet citrus and botanicals such as cinchona and liquorish root extract.

It is notable however that, much in contravention of the EU guidelines, the Prosecco used for this wine product, is grown and sourced in Australia itself and here-in lay the cord of discontent as this was objected by Italy keeping in view the EU policy.

However, on the launch of Jacob’s Creek Prosecco Spritz in UK (which is likely sometime next month), Pernod Ricard is believed to have changed its name to “Aperitivo Spiritz” keeping in view the EU ruling over protection of origin status.

It is a” Win-Win-Win” situation for all stakeholders – Australians get to sell the wine product in UK, the English people get to drink it and the Italians, well they rest assured of origin protection of their Prosecco – I already imagine them saying “Cin Cin”.

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