When ‘Food’ pairs well with ‘Wine’

There are times, when you come across a cuisine, which either introduces you for the first time, to the much aclaimed thrill of a good ‘food – wine’ pairing or reinforces your belief in the same..

Here’s one such one. The Italian dish in the frame is named ‘Tomino’ and is ‘Greek cheese & sauteed mushrooms over toasted bread in white truffle oil’ paired with a Prosecco (a sparkling wine from Italy – sometimes casually (albeit incorrectly) also termed as an ‘Italian Champagne’ by laymen.

The light and delicate Bubbly (another way of naming a Sparkling Wine) with its refreshing Acidity (marked by a watery rush on sides of the mouth after a sipping) balances the greasy mushrooms & cheese and in the process accentuates the flavours of the dish multi folds.

Try this combination for a fine gastronomic revelation.


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4 thoughts on “When ‘Food’ pairs well with ‘Wine’

  1. I’m intrigued – yes lots of food is complimented by wine. In fact some meals are positively improved by wine. But – here in the UK – most people, when eating Indian food tend to drink beer or lager – it seems to compliment it better to our taste. Do you have a wine suggestion to really compliment a good Indian meal in the same way that, say, wine transforms a great pizza? If you do I’ll try it and let you know …..

    1. True. Indian food generally have a lot of spices which naturally pair well with wines. The secret of pairing however, lies in a judicious use of assorted spices and style of cooking. Some Chefs manage that very well. I can suggest ‘RASA Shiraz by Sula Winery, ‘Fratelli Sette (Sangiovese) and ‘Arros by York Winery paired with Mutton Kebabs or Slow Cooked Lamb Chops. Apologies for delayed response. Cheers.

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