Cava de paraje –  the Grand Cru of Cava       

Cava, the Sparkling wine wine from Spain has, over recent years, gained much favour amongst wine consumers world over and this along with Prosecco (Italian bubbly) is increasingly proving a viable competition to the French Champagne. Now, “Cava de Paraje“, the new proverbial ‘grand cru’ of Cava, could become a reality soon –  according toContinue reading “Cava de paraje –  the Grand Cru of Cava       “

Every wine reflects the personality of it’s winemaker

“Every wine has a story”…goes the saying. Well if that’s true then the story teller (or the wine maker) certainly assumes a central place in the wine experience. This also supports my belief that the winemaker’s personality is always reflected in the wine he makes. I often try to read about the  winemaker of theContinue reading “Every wine reflects the personality of it’s winemaker”

I’ll have the 3rd Red” … she said candidly 

It was late february evening and I was perched amongst a group of enthusiastic wine lovers around a rustic wooden table. The set was immersed in mellow golden light of the lamp hanging from the roof. Perch Coffee and Wine Bar  – a ‘must go’ place for wine lovers Venue was the  ‘Perch Coffee andContinue reading “I’ll have the 3rd Red” … she said candidly “

Harvest 2016

 Lamps fired to prevent vineyard frost  “Vintage” in wine terminology refers to the year in which the grapes are picked (harvested). World over, the 2016 vintage is likely to produce lesser volume of wines as compared to previous years owing to inclement weather conditions – almost a 20 year low production as per estimates. ElContinue reading “Harvest 2016”

3 Big B’s of Italy

Barolo, Barbaresco and Brunello are today amongst Italy’s best-known and most expensive wines. The reputation and stature of these three wines has grown so much over the years that it’s not uncommon to pitch them in the same league as wines from Bordeaux and Burgundy in France. And such is their aura and popularity theContinue reading “3 Big B’s of Italy”

Yes that would be wonderful..

“Why don’t you try some french wine with food” ? – an innocuous question by the bearer at a french bistro in New Delhi. I had taken my wife for an anniversary dinner. Till then I had never liked wines and wanted to say – “No, thank you”. Maybe the french ambience got better ofContinue reading “Yes that would be wonderful..”