How to sell champagne in India

While googling for Champagne + India, I came across this picture which I feel is so apt for the theme. Ethnicity of oriental India meets the sparkling culture of champagne – brilliant, is it not ?

There is more to this post though. Here I wish to briefly touch upon some suggestions to effectively sell champagne in the Indian market, which is huge and offers a big potential for sales.

So, I hope the producers are all ears. Here goes..

Awareness – in India any sparkling wine is generally but incorrectly considered as champagne. There is need to change this perception by spreading awareness about the real champagne.

Price – champagne is a costly beverage. Add to that more than 150% import duty and the end result is an exorbitantly expensive wine which is out of reach of even higher middle class in India. So there’s a need to reduce cost. Favorable outcome of ongoing trade negotiations between EU and India can help reduce the price points of champagne in India.

Availability – there are not very many brands available in the country. An increase in demand may encourage more producers to export their champagne to India.

Champagne by the glass – this option needs to be adopted and encouraged by the wine bars and restaurants. Given the high costs, selling by the glass can be a win-win situation for both the restaurant and the consumer.

Promotion – the golden mantra here is that..if you can make them taste your champagne (preferably for free or at a nominal cost), they will come back to buy it (and that is not because they consumed it for free but due to developing a liking for it – more on this in future posts). The caveat here is that the champagne has to be good. So producers and importers, loosen up your purse strings and spend adequately on promtional events/tastings.

Views are author’s own

(Features picture from Jaab Cards)


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