Penfolds Wine Dinner

Penfolds, the iconic brand from Australia organised a Chinese cuisine paired wine dinner at the New Delhi on 9th Mar 19. Though their portfolio has a vast array of wines but the the house is best known for its Shiraz blends.

Penfolds wine dinner in Hotel Oberoi at New Delhi

An interesting story associated with it unfolded during early 20th century when Penfolds sent their gifted winemaker Max Schubert to observe winemaking in Bordeaux. This was when Penfolds was already a successful brand but mostly producing sherry and port wines.

Max was enchanted with classical Bordeaux clarets and decided to produce same style of structured and balanced wines with long ageing potential back at home, but with grapes grown in Australia.

Penfolds winemaker Max Schubert created the penfolds signature shiraz blends

After much research and experimenting and overcoming many odds, he was able to produce the now world famous Penfolds Shiraz blends. Tasted many of these at the wonderfully organised wine dinner yesterday.

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