Chateau de la Marqueterie

Chateau de la Marqueterie – I wrote about in the recent post on Taittinger. Here’s some more details about the historic chateau located on the hil spanning the Taittinger vineyards..

Château de la Marquetterie is located in the town of Pierry, near Epernay. Litetally speaking, the word ‘Marqueterie’ means a patched veneer used as a finishing on furniture decorations. And this chateau is so named because of the alternate patches of Pinot Noir (black grape) and Chardonnay (white) in adjoining vineyards which give a chequerboard or the Marqueterie look.

During late 18th century, the Château used to be a hub of the French literati and hosted the likes of Voltaire and Chénier etc. Also earlier we have already talked about as to how during the great war the young calvary officer Pierre-Charles Taittinger fell to the charms of Château and ultimately went on to buy it in 1932 to start the Taittinger Champagne House.

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