The Taittinger story and some interesting facts

Taittinger house was established in 1932 but its origin dates back to 1734. Read about its brief story and some interesting facts associated with it.

Taittinger NV

To unravel its story, let me take you back in a time travel to 1915 into the thick of World War I. A French war hero named Pierre Taittinger had been assigned to fight the assaulting Germans from a Chateau (called Chateau de la Marqueterie) which had been fortified as a military base.

Chateau de la Marqueterie during World War I

During the course of the battle the young Tattinger got so much enchanted by the beauty around him – the vineyards, the countryside, the Chateau itself that he promised himself that God willing, one day he would return to buy and own the Chateau and the properties there.

Chateau de la Marqueterie present look

That day did come in 1932 when Taittinger pooled in his family resources and bought the Chateau and the vineyards. The wine house which he bought then was the Forest Forneaux which was established way back in 1734. Taittinger soon flourished in the ensuing decades to become one of foremost champagne houses.

Today Taittinger is one of top houses of champagne producing about 4.5 million bottles in a year.

5 Interesting Taittinger Facts

1. Taittinger is a Chardonnay driven champagne. Its standard non vintage has about 40% Chardonnay which provides it the elegance, delicacy and finesse.

2. Taittinger owns about 288 hectares of vineyards which meets about 50% of its requirement of grapes. Remaining it buys from various growers.

3. The winery has about 2.5 miles of underground chalk tunnels which provides a perfect damp and humid environment for storage.

4. No oak is used in the winemaking operations. Temperature control stainless steel is used for fermentation which helps to retain the fruit character in the champagne.

5. It was the first champagne to figure in a James Bond novel. Infact in the very first book Casino Royale (1967) Bond describes Taittinger as ‘probably the finest champagne of the world’

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