A Rose with a Burgundian Soul

A still rose wine from Champagne region..!? Yes Sir, it’s true !! In fact it even has an AOC.

We are talking about the ‘Rose des Riceys’ – a still rose wine from Pinot Noir grapes, which is produced in Aube – one of southern most localities of Champagne region. (Though for much time Aube was kept out of Champagne AOC, which caused much bitterness and even precipated the ‘Champagne Riots’ of 1910 – but that’s the story for another day).

Now, the legend has it that King Louis XIV sourced the stones to build his Palace of Versailles from the Aube region. And along also went the expert masons from the region, who carried along their local Rose wine. It is believed that the Sun King developed a liking for this Rose. And that’s the wine we are talking about today.

Since Rose des Riceys is produced in the furthest corners of the Champagne’s Côte des Bar region, which is not too far from the Côte d’Or, this is sometimes also called as a ‘Rose with a Burgundian Soul’.

👉 So if we recapitulate, there are three AOC in Champagne region -AOC Champagne, AOC Coteaux Champenoise and AOC Rose des Riceys.

#RoseDesRiceys #RoseWithBrgundianSoul

Ref – Decanter, Wine Searcher
Pic – VOS Selections

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