Growers Champagne

Champagne is made from a blend of wines from different vineyards in various villages or even different land parcels within the same locality. Blending thus is at the heart of champagne philosophy. And this is exactly what provide a the critics of champagne some ammunition to fire their salvos.

They often say (at times not without merit, I feel), that blending obliterates the very essence of wine making – which is to reflect a feel of the place. The very idea of terroir gets defeated by excessive blending across different areas.

But from quite sometime now, a new breed of champagne makers have made an appearance. These are growers who, going against the established tradition, do not sell their grapes to big champagne houses. Instead they use their grapes to make their own champagne albeit (an understandably so) on a much smaller scale. Bubbly so produced is called “Growers-champagne”.

Blending is still followed but is restricted to grapes from the growers own vineyards. Plus there is an effort to reduce yields and concentrate on quality of production both in vineyard and the winery.

It’s a growing trend of which I will be writing very often

Pic – google

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