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Each year certain days are earmarked as the Varietal Wine Days. Some of these are officially designated whereas others are celebrated through a popular consensus . Such specific wine days assume much importance since there are a whole lot of activities planned around the particular varietal and this generally enjoys a  pan world character. A host of events, seminars, tastings etc get organized on these occasions dedicated to the particular wine being honored. And if you are not the active social wine person then you can even savor a glass of the special wine on that day.

In the infographic the various Wine Days popularly celebrated world over have been collated in form of a Wine Day Calender to facilitate some advance planning by the wine community. The information is sourced from Wine Folly. The calender may not be exaustive and can be updated with more entires.

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Wines, Real Estate and Art are three things which I’m passionate about. A Masters degree in Real Estate Management and a WSET Level 3 in wines help me in this journey.

7 thoughts on “Wine Day Calendar

  1. But….. we are probably of vastly different ages so our differing perspectives are natural and educational. I am starting to write a series of articles about the philosophy of wine which I really hope you will follow. But I’m suddenly realising that I didn’t even taste a wine till I was 22 years old and yet now 50 years later I’m working to my Wine 101 Bucket List of the best wines in the world.

    1. I will surely follow your writings. Really like your passion. I myself a late starter – tasted my first wine (much later I came to know that it was a Chardonnay) about four years ago. At 49 now I’m WSET Level 3 passed and a keen follower of all things wine. Many regards.

    1. For me though, as a blogger the calendar comes handy ready Reckoner to write about particular wines. But you are right, it’s a marketing ploy – but from Champagne to Bordeaux to Burgundy – it has always been about marketing – and how. Cheer Doc, I quite like your posts 🍷

      1. I guess I’m in a different camp, my vineyard visits and Wines 101 fuel my blog not marketing hype. If we followed the hype we’d all be hooked on Shiraz and oaked Chardonnay 😂😂🍷👍

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